About Us

Welcome to Sushila Arts Academy

Sushila Arts Academy is named in the memory and spirit of Sushila Koirala, wife of Nepal's first democratically elected Prime Minister B.P. Koirala. Trained in Bharatnatyam and Kathak, Sushila has dreamt of a Performing Art Academy in Nepal and had also run two dance Academies.

Dance was in Sushila’s D.N.A. Every action of hers – from the simple act of getting out of bed, or picking a morsel of food with her fingers to motioning an attendant – seemed to have a dance gesture. Sushila Koirala was also trained in Manipuri dance. Sushila Koirala has always believed that Art, Dance and Music is a Universal language that unites everything and everyone around.

Niranjan Koirala shared with us some memories about Sushila Ama:

"My earliest memories of Sushila Ama are from my Patna days in the early 50’s when she was our guardian while we were in school there. Any Patna resident of those days would remember how Sushila Ama and Hari Uppal were going door to door – from the Chief Minister’s home to a small shopkeeper asking for donation to establish a Performing Art Institution there. Today the Bharat Kala Bhavan is a landmark building in Patna of which Hari Uppal became its first Director.

In May 1959 when its first elected government has been formed, B.P. decided to pull out his son Prakash Koirala and me from the prestigious St. Xavier’s school to study in a local government school in Biratnagar. Sushila Ama also decided to go with us there. Her husband had become the Prime Minister but she was never comfortable with the trappings of power around her and decided to open a Dance Institute in Biratnagar instead. A South Indian couple – who were exponents of Bharatnatyam dance were hired and our home in Biratnagar became possibly its first Classical Dance Centre in Nepal. While I developed my taste to South Indian coffee at a very early age, almost all young girls growing up in Biratnagar at that time got their first lessons in classical dance. Sometimes Sushila Ama would visit her husband in Kathmandu, on one occasion the Royal couple asked her why she was not in Kathmandu acting as the hostess to her Prime Minister husband? She said she had opened Dance institute in Biratnagar".

Our Vision

SAA is to be a well-established Institution in Nepal, providing high calibre arts education for talented, dedicated students in Art, Music, Dance and Theatre.

Our Mission

It is our mission to hone talented, dedicated, and committed students into gifted artists, leaders, dancers, and actors, so that they may achieve their fullest potential as artists, leaders, and global citizens through talent, character development and professionalism, who will ultimately contribute to the arts in Nepal and the world.

Our Objectives

To promote and support Arts in the scheme of Nepal through :

  • Providing courses and training at various levels run by professional teachers related to art, music, theatre and dance
  • Conducting various artistic programs and productions with the support of Nepali and International professionals
  • Promoting various genres of art in the curriculum of different schools in Nepal
  • Providing serious training at Conservatory and International Certification levels
What do we believe?

Individual personalities should be developed in a holistic way through the Arts, as it is the basis of all education. Only the Arts can provide an integrated approach to reality, combining aesthetic and sensorial elements to produce intelligence capable of independent thought and judgement

We offer different courses on

  • Music
  • Dance
  • Art
  • Theatre

What do we value most?

  • The belief of Sir Herbert one of the most profound art educators of England that only art can provide an integrated approach to reality, combining aesthetic and sensorial elements to produce intelligence capable of independent thought and judgment.

What help us?

  • LOVE